Classy, clean, complete— “Sita” is hewn from naturally beautiful Cedar recovered from a Seattle neighborhood.


The focus of Sita’s attention is a tossup between a tasteful tillandsia and the fully-dimmable 30-watt tube lamp. Fortunately Sita doesn’t force you to choose favorites.


She even ended up doing a photo shoot for the Sasquatch! Festival once in one of those “right place, right time” sorts of things.

Sasquatch Merch Shoot 140208 140208-1869

Hewn Cedar, salvaged from Seattle residential development
40W Straight-Filament T30
Tilandsia, though we’re not too sure which kind.
Fully Dimmable, 110v Type A Plug
6′ Red Cotton Cloth-Wrapped

Sorry, this one’s sold.

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